Restaurant Casa Hirscher

Parerea Dvs

The location is impeccable. The restaurant and the veranda are so beautiful and cozy.
The service is top, one of the best I experienced in the last 3 years in Romania.
We had pasta for starters: tagliolini al tartufo were unbelievable. They were presented first on a plate with separate sauce then were mixed inside a GRANA PADANO cheese form just like how they do it in Italy. I let you imagine the results!! Also the totelloni ai funghi porcini were sublime.
The orata in crosta Di sale was excellent.. The steak tartare was so fresh and tasty and well prepared.
The wine we had was super: VINO NOBILE DI MONTEPULCIANO 2007.
Overall the service was unexpected and the friendly approach much appreciated.
An extra plus is that the restaurant is DOG FRIENDLY!
Well done and I reccomend it as a must visit in Brasov.
I will go back.

We ate there twice because we liked it so much: once a quite romantic dinner for two and a second time, a robust meal with the kids as well. We were very pleased both times. Prices are reasonable too. We especially liked the Romanian wines on the menu.
I was reccently with my wife in Brasov on a business trip and I asked for a recommendation for a restaurant everyone recommendend CASA HIRSCHER said the food was good but a little expensive.
I must say the the food was more than good was excellante. As far as the prices go I will get to that in a minute.
My wife and I both started with a appetizer my wife Shrimp Tempure and I enjoyed a cold vichy soisse. Both very light and just exploding with summer. Main Course I enjoyed a grill filet of Sea bass and wife had Cordon Bleu of course we also enjoyed a glass of wine. We paid around 35 Euros. I dont know where else you can enjoy such good food and wine for just 35 euros. It was worth every cent. Never expected to have world class modern food in Roumanie.
superb restaurant, the food is very tasty and the service is impeccable. good value for money. it is in the centre of brasov. everything was great, the details make the difference. I recommend you with warmth. It is something else!
We had a very nice Caesar Salad, fresh ingredients, uniquely plated. Second course was a outstanding leek soup with smoked salmon and my wife hade Sauté mussels with tomato, I must say it was like being in Italy at the seaside. We both ordered the Butterfish. I enjoyed it with a roasted garlic puree and my wife with Sauté of summer vegetables, like a dream!! The food was complemented with a fabulous wine list. You should try a Minuty Rose.
We have been returning for years to Casa Hirscher, the best restaurant in Brasov. The food is excellent, the service is fast and highly professional and you get good value for the money. A must dining-experience while visiting Brasov!

Located just off the main square in Old Town Brasov, Casa Hirsher serves delicious Italian food at a very affordable price (when compared with UK). If you fancy a change from the local food this is the place for you.

Smoking section is in large, bright conservatory and smoking is in the back in a darker section where there are exposed wooden beams with a more rustic feel.

The local wine is cheap and the food is expertly cooked. Everything from the service to the presentation was first rate. We paid less than £60 for 3 people, eating 2 courses including a fantastic duck and grape sauce main, with a bottle of wine and soft drinks.

Highly recommend this place!